Thursday, September 25, 2014

Charging Station Change

     By and large we do not have that many least that's what I try to tell myself. Nevertheless, within the household we have at least 2 cell phones and a tablet that need to be charged, often. This doesn't even include the various other portable devices we use on an occasional basis. 

     Even the few that we use regularly pose a clutter problem. Each has it's own charger, in addition to the other accessories. Our counter top was constantly cluttered with the chargers and other daily debris. I needed something to keep everything neat and tidy. 

     Hubby mounted a thin piece of scrap wood we had kicking around to the wall above the outlet we typically use to charge. I had extra hooks from the jewelry hanging project, and we screwed those into the piece. Presto Change-o! My counter was clear and the chargers were all neatly hanging where they could be easily found and put away. And, they are out of reach from little hands. Bonus!

     This solution literally cost us nothing because we used all leftover supplies. My favorite kind of of project!

Also good for goggles. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shopping Hack

     Well I know I haven't been around much. But here we are. Summer has been crazy so I finally am getting a chance to get back into writing. Let's start off slow...a quick little shopping hack. This is one I use every single time I go grocery shopping. I park next to the carriage corral; it's as easy as that. Usually there are a few sprinkled around the parking lot so you have a few options. But either way I try to pick one of the ones further out, it gives me a wee bit of excersise and helps me teach the kids that a little walking is good, keeps us from getting lazy. Look at that, two hacks for the price of one.
     This also makes life infinitely easier when you actually go to unload your groceries. We all know I have a couple of small kids, I'm sure a bunch of you do too. Getting them in and out of the car may as well be exercise in itself. Between the shrieking,and the shouting,and the crying, and the jumping up-and-down, and the one who wants to jump through the back of the vehicle where I'm getting my reusable bags,and the one who wants to unbuckle her self, getting in and out of the car can be a challenge. When you've returned to your vehicle and are laden with bags of food and children, efficiency is key. Quick, strap the kids in their car seats and threaten them quietly so you can get them to sit nicely for a hot second! Unload the groceries into the car. Now is where you become riddled with concern and guilt if you have to return your cart to the corral far away from your strapped and trapped children (or worse leave it in a parking space!). Fear not, you're right next to the corral! Gently lob that sucker in with his friends and call it a day. Hop in the car and silence the uncontrollable toddler song making by popping in the FROZEN soundtrack (if you haven't broken it into pieces yet) , unwrap that York Peppermint Patty descretely (down by your hip),and Let It Go.