Monday, May 12, 2014

Peeps Jousting

      Alright so Easter, Passover and Mother's Day have all come and gone. There are no more, huge, official Holidays that we need to worry about for at least a couple months. Yipee! Go ahead, take 30 seconds to breathe. It's really nice.
     OK, but what to do with all that left over candy and sugar? Most of the hard candies are brought to work, you can always find someone who wants a piece, or a bowl to leave at the reception area. The chocolate never lasts long, so no problem there. Then there are the Peeps. Honestly, I can only stomach about one at a time now (despite my adoration in childhood) so there are always a few extras lying around.
     There's simply nothing else to do with left over Peeps but to make them joust. Yep, Peeps Jousting is now an annual event to which we all look forward.
     Take the left over Peeps, stick a toothpick into the belly of each one. Pair them off, place them on a paper plate, make them face each other, and stick them in the microwave.

     After a few seconds (depending on your microwave this will take anywhere from 15-45 seconds total) the Peeps will begin to swell and one will pop the other, reigning victorious over the other defeated jouster.

     If bold enough, you may consume both the victor and the loser, they won't mind. The kids really love this little game and I must admit so do I. Remember the paper plate though. Believe me, cleaning Peeps up off the microwave plate is NOT fun.
Good luck to all the jousters!
Simple City Sam