Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've Got Tags That Jingle Jangle Jingle

      Quail the dog is growing up quite nicely and just passed her fist birthday. Of course there are foibles here and there. We are feeling particularly lucky that she stayed "runt-like" and is smaller than we thought she'd be, weighing in at a healthy 50 pounds. I'd love it if she'd stop snacking in the cat litter box. See? Nice with foibles.
     One thing she can't control are those damn tags. Good grief, they jingle and jangle and leave a ringing in my ears that seemingly never goes away. I know it seems dramatic, but it's true, and if you have a dog you know I'm right. Yes you can spend money on quiet tags and little tag pouches. You know me, though. I hate spending money. You know what's free? Any one of the million little girl elastics I have. Or the rubber band around your Sunday paper, or even the band around those flowers you'll get for Mother's Day.
     Use it. Wrap all those little jingly suckers together and listen to the sweet, sweet sound of silence. Ah, bliss. Best part? If the dog gets it caught or it breaks, there are plenty more where that one came from!
Thanks Quaily-girl, you're a great model.
Simple City Sam 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Maine Summer Baby Quilt ~ Blueberries For Sal

      Of all the sewing and crafting that I do, quilting is by far my favorite. I love how it all fits together like a jigsaw puzzle. I love that it is a true expression of creativity. I love how you can use all the same fabrics in 10 quilts and have no two look alike.
      You've seen me make them for special occasions like weddings or baby blankets for new nephews. I'm in the process of making a few for my girls. I also really love being able to donate special items to special causes.
     I was fortunate enough to be able to be involved with this year's Center for Grieving Children's annual auction fundraiser. I was able to put together this baby quilt with the theme "Maine Summer Nights" in mind.
     The front is all cotton, the back super soft fleece. The edges are all bound with a light blue satin binding tape. The 3" squares were each individually tied, by hand, in the center. The pattern was simple and happened organically as I had not actually intended to pattern the piece at all. All the fabrics chosen were chosen due to their fulfillment of the theme. Some had Maine spring flowers like the beautiful lilacs, another evoked the feeling of the ocean and waves, while another offered a few spring birds. I wanted to make sure the piece was Maine down to the last detail.
     As it came together though, I kept being reminded of the book I loved from my childhood, "Blueberries for Sal". The soft, yet contrasting tones and that vivid blue brought me back over and over again to the pages of the book. Naturally, that is what I named this piece.
      It ended up being one of my favorite quilts and I was so pleased to be able to offer it up as a donation. As I look at the photos again I am brought back to the images I remember from the pages of the book, and am now anxious for summer.
Here's to hoping it comes soon!
Simple City Sam

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

     It's spring time which means that, inexplicably, I am even busier than I was before. The spring craft fair season is in full force and the kids and pets have renewed energy. There are many days where I wonder if I'll make it to the newly furthered sundown. (spoiler alert: I don't always).

     However, if I'm that busy then it must mean that I'm producing something, right? Right. I am. I actually am being relatively productive. I've managed to create a new "therapy wrap" to add to the catalogue of neck wraps and eye pillows.

     The back "wrap" is more traditionally shaped. It is designed to fit across your lower back or straight up and down your spine. I made the hubby test it out and he fell asleep with it, 10 minutes in. I count that as a major endorsement.

     I have also managed to get some new items up on the Etsy site and do a little spring cleaning over there. There is a new shop section dedicated entirely to pillows and some rearranging has been done. Here are a few of my favorite new additions.

     Doesn't this guy remind you of "The Incredible Mr. Limpet"? Man, I love me some Don Knots.

     And, come on, a lion with his tongue sticking out, are you kidding me? Love it.
     Head on over to the Simple City Sam Etsy shop and see all the new stuff. There is more going up every day.
I like spring. I like feeling productive. Now all I need to do is maintain.
Simple City Sam

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My New Business Cards Are Awesome!

      I love my new business cards! I was able to design them myself. I used my own product photos to really make it stand out and relatable to my product. The best part? I went "big" and got the heavy duty, 100% recycled paper and glossy finish...that should be super expensive right? Nope. I got them for roughly 6 cents a piece, including shipping! That's amazing!!!!! I do recommend Vistaprint to anyone.
I really love them.
Simple City Sam