Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apple Picking

     This past weekend we got to partake in one of my favorite Fall rituals. We went apple picking and pumpkin picking. It also happened to be the first time the four of us got to spend time together as a family unit in several weeks. It was LONG overdue. 

     How do we let the time escapeus that  easily? How does it get away from us so quickly? 

     Summer is my most favorite time of the year in Maine, yet somehow I end up really not getting to enjoy any of it. I work every "spare" moment I can find. So does my husband. We make the money while we can, seasonal Maine work is very short lived. Nonetheless we miss each other all summer. Constantly we are ships in the night, just missing one another. We give more "see you soon" kisses than I care to admit. 

     Fall marks the return of family dinners, Saturday excursions, and family dynamics at their best. For these reasons I love Fall. For the impending Winter doom, I hate it. 

     But for now I'll just take our annual picking trip as a sign of good things to come. (Extra good this year, our Fall picking day was 80 degrees!)

     Now on to sauces, jellies, pies and crisps. Mmmm. 

Simple City Sam

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