Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bulk Spice

     My favorite spot at the grocery store is the bulk aisle. We all know that. It is the perfect place to really start cutting costs. Most of what we pay for at the grocery store, or any store really, is the packaging. If you avoid that you can often save some serious cash!

     I am super fortunate in that my local grocery store also offers bulk spice options. This is so amazing. Spices are so stinking expensive! It's hard to rationalize $5.49 for a tiny jar of name brand powdered mustard, especially because you know, if seen by the children, it will also incite riots in the kitchen. Shrieks of, "I dooooon't yyiike SPICE!!" will be audible for miles. Is it worth the cost? Really?
     Now there is no rationalizing. I cave a cupboard full of spices! I've even started experimenting with more spices because I am able to save so much!

     I was able to get the same amount of thyme that is in one of those small name brand jars (I know because that's what I poured it into at home) for literally pennies!

     Yeah, that says TEN CENTS! In fact, I have enough bay leaves to last me a life time. They were so light the scale couldn't read them. I had to buy about 40 of them just for it to register. It cost me $0.16.

     Now if you don't have a bulk spice section there are still some ways to save on spices. Remember my other favorite aisle? The "Ethnic" aisle? Yeah, see it turns out spices are just spices. Apparently, no matter your ethnicity, basil is basil. Who knew?
     Hit up the shelves there for large jars in the $2 or less range. This is still an enormous savings!
     Just remember to look around you. If it seems like an outrageous price, it probably is. Investigate alternatives! Be creative.
Now, go. Get spicy.
Simple City Sam 


  1. Love this- great info and everyone loves getting spicy :)

  2. I didn't know Hannaford had bulk spices. Which one did you go to?

  3. I'm so sorry this is late! I replied right away but it seems to not have posted!! This is the Hannaford on Forest Ave. If yours doesn't have this, inquire about it. Maybe they can order bulk spices for you. Or calculate the cost of the trip. A gallon of gas and a half an hour may be well worth stocking up on spices for crazy cheap!